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Mobile App Development

Our comprehensive and experienced mobile design and development team is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of what can be done on mobile. Our agile process delivers superior quality, and faster time to market while delivering a superior user experience for native, web or hybrid mobile apps.

Website Development

We design and build web applications that are user friendly, fast, responsive, interactive, reusable, maintainable and effective. Regardless of the size or complexity all websites deliver best in class functional and sophisticated CMS, utilizing today's most popular open source frameworks which are reliable and secure.

Marketing & Innovation

We believe the future marketing world will soon be divided between those companies who have made investments in digital platforms and those that have not. Growth will be driven through a new form of innovation unique to the digital age based entirely on a new set of marketing channels to drive awareness and purchase.

Brand & Strategy

The competitive market space for any business model in todays connected media environment requires a strategic plan to grow your brand. Global brand development methodology involves fine-tuning every element of your business so that they weave a distinctive, consistent, and cohesive story that is unmistakably you. We understands the importance of developing a comprehensive brand strategy and we know how to execute on that strategy.

SEO & Social Media

Content marketing, SEO, and social media should work together synergistically. Each should be its own marketing instrument, yet working together in Unison to create a perfect harmony. Perhaps you're wondering just how to integrate these three distinct channels to produce great business results, correct? There is a natural synergy between content marketing, SEO, and social media. Understanding this synergy is key to a successful digital strategy. We know how.

Rescues & Solutions

Your compamy has worked hard to meet deadlines and prepare a strategic integrated marketing plan, then suddenly you're faced with a crisis. Your project has gone awry with your current resources. Perhaps the web developer for your project departed the company taking all the project insight with them. You are looking at this huge problem and not certain what to do. We have the solution. We can help and actually, this is an area of specialty. We solve crisis issues quickly.

About us.

Global Digital is a next generation agency delivering best in class web and mobile marketing technology and strategy. We provide high value digital solutions that drive business growth for our clients. We serve as an agency partner by aligning digital strategy with execution and working in tandem with client in-house teams or as an independent department. Working side by side GDC design, creative and development teams can rapidly prototype ideas and designs for innovative and effective solutions.

Our established teams of global digital professionals are bridged together through agile methodology, which allows our multiple hubs to collaborate while designing and producing strategic, creative, and innovative technology. GDC clients tap into global resources with a guaranteed commitment to quality and support for their projects and initiatives. Global Digital's owned design studio is AFX Design located in the Isle of Wight. Contact us to learn more about working with Global Digital Community.

Meet the Team

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

  • John Campbell
    Founder & CEO
  • Caio Ricci
    Chief Executive - BR
  • Anthony Luxton
    Technical Architect
  • Guilherme Schneider
    UI/UX Designer, Bauru BR
  • Marcelo Soares
    Q/A Lead, Bauru BR
  • Ronaldo Zanoni
    Mobile Developer, Bauru Hub BR
  • Andriy Khomych
    Drupal Developer
  • Teodor Ganev
    Web Developer
  • Nazar Antoniuk
    Drupal Developer
  • LTIA Team
    Global Digital's UNesp Development team
  • Dougie Allan
    Technical Director & Consultant
  • Fran Gibson
    Project Manager
  • Marcelo Akio Miura
    Web and mobile developer - BR
  • Renan Stuchi
    Lead Developer
  • Thiago Fabre
    Lead Developer
  • Felipe Loge
    Web Developer - BR
  • Dima Kovalchuk
    Web developer
  • Stepan Melykh
    Web developer

The Community

If you are creative or curious about new media you might want to check out our connected community offering information and services with everyone sharing the excitement of digital media. Global Digital Community will provide an online discussion space, a source of information and expert project resources to build your digital project from mobile to web, from offline systems to integrated cloud applications. The community links into some of the brightest minds across the world and includes many of the experienced early adopters that were hands on innovators in the digital arena.

Global Digital Community has a virtual membership, unrestricted across countries, and has launched the Digital Escape Network (the DEN) which revolves around our escape hubs promoting and providing a focal setting for those wanting to work with others in amazing locations. The escape hubs are offices located in fantastic areas where you may have the opportunity to work with others on projects we provide, share ideas and experiences, and have an opportunity for a refreshing and amazing lifestyle. Work from one or all hubs in turn enabling you to travel around the world doing something you love.

This concept delivers advantages not only for the talented designers, developers and project managers that are a part of the community but also benefits the company and the goals of our clients. It is a win/win/win situation which allows our teams to create effective digital solutions that drive results, plus breeds a culture of happy, interested and loyal colleagues. Get in touch with us for more information about Global Digital. If your interested in joining our team please click the button.

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Sample of Our Work

Creating products and services that transform brands.

Mobile and Browser Apps 4
Web Development 3
  • PolyU University - Hong Kong
    PolyU University IOA
  • Redscan Dashboard
    Java web app development
  • Panorama
    by AFX Design
  • Hostelling Int'l
    By Global Digital
    by AFX Design
  • Ensign Bus
    By Global Digital
  • Preoday
    by Global Digital

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What we do.

Experience and knowledge to help grow your brand.

Build Your Brand Story

Global Digital understands not only the importance of developing a comprehensive brand strategy, but knows how to execute on that strategy. Your Brand is your story. How does the brand story get told? You must use the key story elements, Ideation, Innovation, Creativity along with Strategic Thinking. Every story has a title and Your Brand is Your Title.

Create Digital Experiences

Our vision is focused on the future use of web and mobile media technology. The next really big thing, is where the technology, the information, the interactive aspects of the web, mobile, social media intersect with physical space, and particularly consumers as well as B2B customer relationships. The fast-paced digital age dictates the need for companies to become agile.

Deliver Digital Products

Connected devices are already the future. Most of the new business models for clients will be based upon the integration of physical products with digital services. The marketing of them will be “built in” to the device itself. This denotes a clear trend for the future of the connected community. Executed properly, these products will be compelling and drive growth.

Global Digital Ecosystem

Our innovative business model connects our customers and agency partners to an “ecosystem of value”. Herein lies the power of our new global customized, connected community, defined by “Global Bridges” linking digital service hubs around the world. This delivers true synchronicity of the Global Digital Community concept working in Unison™.

Global Digital Brands

Global Digital have acquired or merged with other digital brands to extend our capability and reach offering a wider portfolio of services. Our most recent merger in May 2015 was to bring AFX Design in as a Global Digital brand. AFX are a leading agency on the UK south coast providing high quality design and development services.  


Global Digital Enterprises

Global digital work closely with entrepreneurial clients developing partnerships to develop, promote and extend their product and the global reach.  We currently have several partners and are open to discuss new joint ventures to bring our technical and digital ideas to join with the business driver to grow the opportunity. 


We are experienced creative strategist and believe in the value of ideas which we curate with our team of technologists, designers and marketers to develop new products and effective digital solutions for our clients. 

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